Key takeaways from Treasury in Housing 2022
Key takeaways from the National Housing Federation’s Treasury in Housing conference.
EHRC responds to the consultation on the draft Police Race Action Plan
EHRC published their response to the consultation on the draft Police Race Action Plan. We summarise the key points raised by the EHRC in their consultation response.
Government announced plans to repeal the IR35 tax rules from 6 April 2023
One of the changes announced is the repeal of the off-payroll working rules (also known as IR35) introduced in the public sector in 2017 and later extended to the private sector in 2021.
In the News
Housing Case Law - September 2022
Our team of housing specialists summarises the latest cases and court decisions in one practical update, so you can devote more time to supporting your tenants.
Consultation on administrative controls process for public sector exits
HM Treasury has opened a consultation on its proposals for an expanded approvals process for high value employee exits and special severance payments and additional reporting requirements, in relevant parts of the public sector
Social media management – our top tips for employers
Employers need to come up with robust social media policies and measures to protect their employees. We give some key tips in terms of the risks and issues employers face and what good policies and procedures can do to mitigate them.
Supreme Court provides clarity on the statutory holiday entitlements of part-year workers
In Harpur Trust v Brazel, the Supreme Court upheld the previous decisions on the statutory holiday entitlement of a part-year worker who is employed (or ‘under contract’) during non-working periods and how much holiday pay they should receive.
Covid-19 Public Inquiry: What you can expect from Module 2
The Covid-19 Inquiry has opened its second investigation, Module 2, which is primarily focussed on the decisions made by the UK and devolved governments. Learn about the scope, timeframe and how we can help in our insight.
Getting to grips with the new Patient Safety Incident Response Framework
The new PSIRF replaces the 2015 Serious Incident Framework and governs the investigation of patient safety incidents in NHS-funded healthcare. It represents a ‘sea change’ in how the NHS responds to incidents, to achieve learning and improvement.
NHS Resolution publishes report on first year of clinical negligence claims in general practice
NHS Resolution’s analysis of data for the first year of the Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice has identified that quicker and more accurate diagnosis and improved prescribing processes could result in better patient outcomes.
Top tips on preparing a blue light site for disposal
There is a drive in emergency services to sell under-utilised buildings and reinvest into modern, flexible workplaces and front-line provision, which can result in a range of legal and site issues. Be well prepared with our top tips for site disposal.
Recent case law on gender critical beliefs
There have been three recent high-profile decisions involving claimants who allege they had been discriminated against, harassed and victimised because of their ‘gender critical beliefs’. Find out what this means for employers in our insight.