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Capsticks Healthcare Roundup - August 2019
In August's roundup Corporate and Commercial Partner, Tracy Giles, talks about delivering the ambitions in the NHS Long Term plan.
Medical Malpractice and Clinical Law Insight: Summer 2019
Welcome to our latest edition of Clinical Law Insight for the insurance market, in which we consider the latest developments in medical malpractice and general liability, inquests and clinical law.
Health and social care
Further occupations added to the Shortage Occupation List
On 23 July 2019 the Government confirmed its intention to adopt the recommendations of the Migration Advisory Committee to include a range of additional occupations on the Shortage Occupation List.
Health and social care
Guidance for NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts Applying for Transfer of NHS PS or CHP Property
The Department of Health and Social Care published guidance on the procedures in relation to the transfer of primary and community care properties currently owned by NHS Property Services or Community Health Partnerships to NHS Trusts or NHS FTs.
Regulator of Social Housing: Consumer Regulation Review 2018/2019
The Regulator of Social Housing has released its review of consumer regulation 2018-19. The review sets out its experience of the consumer regulation regime for social housing and how it has gone about implementing the legislation on consumer regulation.
Employee’s covert recording of meeting did not breach implied term of trust and confidence
The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled that an employee was not in breach of the implied duty of trust and confidence when she secretly recorded a meeting with HR.
Health and social care
NHSE and NHSI set targets to reduce disciplinary cases involving BME staff
NHS England and NHS Improvement have set targets for reducing number of disciplinary cases involving black and minority ethnic (BME) employees throughout the NHS as part of a drive towards a just culture.
Housing Case Law - July 2019
Read our monthly housing case law update, which includes recent cases from courts in England and Wales that are relevant to the #ukhousing sector.
Emergency services
Court of Appeal upholds claim of perceived disability discrimination against police force
In the first case of perceptive discrimination to come before the Court of Appeal, the Court has upheld the decision of the EAT that a police officer was discriminated against when she was refused a transfer because of a perceived disability.
Care Homes
Health and social care
Implications of Deprivation of Liberty Changes for Care Homes
On 16 May the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Act 2019 replaced the current Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards regime with the Liberty Protection Safeguards. We outline some of the key changes and the concerns for care home registered managers.
Do you and your Primary Care Network members have a lease in place where one is needed?
A GP practice must have its property ‘housekeeping’ in order, but as practices move forward with their Primary Care Networks it is vital they are in a strong position. We take you through the when and whys of GP lease arrangements and how we can help.
Care Homes
Health and social care
Top Social Care insights - June 2019
Read our roundup of the top insights from across the social care sector.