Capsticks advises in all areas of information law, encompassing data protection (including GDPR), freedom of information, and common law duty of confidentiality.
Our team of information law specialists focus on providing practical, up-to-the minute advice to clients charged with using and protecting some of the most sensitive and confidential information in existence (including that of patients, tenants, registrants, employees and members of the public), and who are often are subject to complex regulatory regimes.
By working with us, you will be partnered with friendly, approachable lawyers who understand this complex area of law, as well as the requirements of the organisations we work with—providing you with clear, practical and actionable advice in a language you understand.

How can Capsticks help?

  • Data protection

    We offer a full service across all aspects of advisory, transactional, and contentious data protection law, including the involvement of the regulator. 

    We can advise on the lawfulness of proposed uses of data including the introduction of new technology, documenting information sharing arrangements and data processing agreements (including in relation to international data transfers), completing Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and support for Data Protection Officers (DPOs).

    We help data controllers respond effectively to subject access requests and other requests made by data subjects. We also advise on managing incidents, ICO investigations, claims and complaints, as well as policy development and delivery of training.

  • Freedom of information

    Capsticks assists public authorities with the preparation of replies to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA), assisting with referrals to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), and representation in specialist tribunals. We have an excellent track record in achieving successful outcomes for our clients where there are disputes about their FOIA responses.

  • Common law duty of confidentiality and special rules

    We advise organisations dealing with highly-sensitive information on maintaining confidentiality, records recovery, and ensuring the appropriate use of confidential information.

    Our experts also counsel clients on compliance with the additional technical legal requirements (for instance under the Access to Health Records Act, NHS legislation and equality and human rights law), statutory guidance and obligations under professional codes of practice which affect many of them. Capsticks’ information law advice connects with other legal issues and the broader commercial, practical and reputational factors affecting your organisation.

  • Workplace issues

    We advise employers on difficult data issues in the workplace, ranging from covert recordings and data transfers in overseas working arrangements, to subject access requests and processing data across multiple HR processes.  We offer practical advice, and a solutions-focused approach, based on your organisation’s individual needs.

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Out-of-hours and emergency advice
Our 24/7 emergency advice hotline can help our clients respond to out-of-hours requests for information from the police, business continuity incidents, and data losses. If you require urgent out-of-hours advice related to health or social care matters, call us on 020 8780 4860.

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