Legal services frameworks

Capsticks is committed to developing working partnerships with other organisations in order to deliver quality and value for money for its clients. One area in which this is exemplified is through our membership of legal services frameworks.

Capsticks has been awarded a place on most tendered frameworks that procure on behalf of NHS bodies, central government departments, local authorities, the police and other agencies.  Frameworks provide several extra benefits to client organisations, including discounted rates, early payment discounts, free advisory opportunities and training benefits.

We are approved for:

  • HealthTrust Europe
  • NHSLA Lot 3
  • NHS Commercial Alliance
  • NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS)
  • North of England NHS Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC)
  • HALA (Housing Associations' Legal Alliance)
  • Advantage South West
  • CHIC (Central Housing Investment Consortium Limited)
  • LBLA London Boroughs Legal Alliance
  • Crescent Purchasing Consortium
  • Crown Commercial Services (CCS)

Frameworks overview

HealthTrust Europe framework 

The framework is available nationally to a wide range of public sector bodies. It commenced in July 2019 for a period of three years.

Key contacts:

  • Rachael Heenan (Capsticks)
  • Jane Strobel (Capsticks)

NHS Commercial Alliance

This framework is the result of a strategic partnership between NHS Commercial Solutions and the East of England Collaborative Procurement Hub. The framework is available nationally and commenced on 1 February 2019 for a period of four years.

Key contacts:

  • Emma Taylor (NHS Commercial Alliance)
  • Andrew Rowland (Capsticks)
  • Jane Strobel (Capsticks)

NHS Shared Business Services

The NHS SBS legal services framework commenced on 1 June 2018 for two years, with the option to extend until 31 May 2022.

Key contacts:

  • Maria Amariei (NHS SBS)
  • Rachael Heenan (Capsticks)
  • Jo McLachlan (Capsticks)

North of England NHS Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC)

The framework commenced in April 2017 and is for four years.

Key contacts:

  • Michelle Walker (NOE CPC)
  • Rachael Heenan (Capsticks)
  • Jo McLachlan (Capsticks)

National Legal Services Framework for Police Services

A framework operated by the Metropolitan Police through which all Police Services, PCCs and associated Policing Organisations can procure legal services.

Key contacts:

  • Alessandra Gettins (Capsticks)
  • Hugh Giles (Capsticks)

HALA (Housing Associations' Legal Alliance)

A framework operated on behalf of several Housing Associations.

Key contacts:

  • Mike Owen (Capsticks)

Advantage South West

A framework operated on behalf of Housing Associations in the South West.

Key contacts:

  • Mike Owen (Capsticks)
  • Sophia Davis (Capsticks)

CHIC (Central Housing Investment Consortium Limited)

A consortium of Registered Providers with around 40 members. CHIC is also a member of Re: Allies Works Ltd, which includes Efficiency North and Procure Plus Holdings Ltd. Members of these two groups, which include many Borough and District Councils, may also procure legal services through this framework.

Key contacts:

  • David Firth (Capsticks)
  • Sophia Davis (Capsticks)

LBLA (London Boroughs Legal Alliance)

The LBLA was established in 2009  as a  collaborative partnership of local authority legal teams in the UK. The framework commenced in November 2017 for an initial period of three years.

Key Contacts

  • Chimi Shakohoxa (Capsticks)
  • Mike Owen (Capsticks)

Crescent Purchasing Consortium

This framework covers a wide range of legal services for education and was awarded for an initial term of three years from 1st April 2018. It offers members access to a panel of firms across 13 regional Lots plus a national one stop shop.

Key contacts

  • Sian Bond (Capsticks)
  • Steve Davis (Crescent)

South East Consortium

A not for profit organisation for the South East public sector including social housing providers, local authorities, education and health related organisations.

This framework commenced in May 2018 for four years.

Key contacts:

  • Tracey Shepherd (South East Consortium)
  • Michael Owen (Capsticks)

The Methodist Church Legal Services Framework

This legal services panel is the first that the Methodist Church has set up and will deliver improvements to the quality and consistency of advice to the Managing Trustee Bodies, all at cost-effective rates.

Key contacts:

  • Lisa Geary (Capsticks)

Crown Commercial Services (CCS)

The framework is available to the wider public sector. Its available for three years from 1 October 2018, with the option to extend for a further 12 months. 

Key contacts:

  • Nicola Murray (CCS)
  • Rachael Heenan (Capsticks)
  • Jane Strobel (Capsticks)