Capsticks can help protect your organisation’s reputation and give your staff the support they need in the lead-up to, and during, an inquest. We have one of the largest inquest teams in the country, representing all types of service provider at over 600 inquests a year, from the routine to the most sensitive and high profile cases. We have extensive experience of acting in jury inquests involving patients detained by the state and have acted on some of the most high profile inquests of recent years, including the London and Westminster Bridge Terrorist Attacks and Hillsborough. 
We have a team of specialist inquest lawyers led by a former Coroner, combining advocacy with the expertise needed to prepare thoroughly for an inquest. Cases can be handled by the same lawyer from the outset to representation in court making the process more cost effective and convenient for you. 
We support you and your staff through all aspects of the inquest process, giving initial advice on whether legal representation might be needed at the inquest, preparing statements, guiding witnesses and providing advocacy at the inquest itself, offering a range of pricing options to help you meet your budgetary needs. 
The strength, depth and expertise of our team working round the clock means we can provide unparalleled advice on the issues facing you. We will support you through the entire process from the beginning to the end.

How can Capsticks help?

  • Before the inquest

    Before the inquest, we will advise on witness statements and internal investigation reports, evidence and disclosure, pre-inquest reviews, witness preparation, and liaise with the coroner and other interested persons.

    We will also provide a pre-inquest report on possible conclusions and a suggested action plan, cost saving on dealing with a claim prior to the inquest, and advise on risk management, how to maximise learning from the incident and how to demonstrate that learning to the court.

  • At the inquest

    During the inquest we will provide expert inquest advocacy and legal advice, sensitive witness support for your staff, as well as advice on handling media enquiries and the drafting of press releases.

  • After the inquest

    After the inquest we will provide a post-inquest report advising on the conclusion, ongoing risk management, learning from the inquest and any follow up actions including any associated compensation claim, in addition to a de-brief for all involved in the inquest.

  • Inquest management service

    We are able to provide an inquest management service whereby we manage an organisation’s inquests’ portfolio from the point of notification to conclusion of the inquest providing an enhanced support system for witnesses and improved value for money.

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