HR advisory and consultancy projects

When resources are tight, we help organisations stay productive by taking care of day-to-day employee relations and general HR services that can be a distraction for HR teams. We also deliver a range of consultancy services that give clients cost effective answers to more strategic projects.

The challenge

In a rapidly changing landscape, your HR function needs to be flexible and responsive. Initiatives can pile up without sufficient resource to fund them. Day to day, your HR team can get overwhelmed in time consuming and costly employee relations matters or in trying to reach ever more demanding targets. Investigations, organisational change and absence management are typical pressure points.

Our approach

Whether you outsource your employee relations to us or work with us on a specific project, you have the reassurance of working with consultants who come from the private public sector background, bringing a wealth of experience. They understand the culture and get to grips with problems quickly and efficiently. In sensitive areas such as disciplinary issues, bullying or grievances, we have the advantage of working alongside a hugely knowledgeable team of employment lawyers who steer our advice with sound legal opinion. As well as freeing up your team to concentrate on developing staff, we’re able to nip problems in the bud and save legal expenses.

For example

A client calls with a difficult bullying case they need to resolve. The person being bullied is claiming discrimination. In this delicate situation, we’re able to speak with our legal team a few desks away and give advice. We’re able to give them the right advice first time and avoid remedial legal work.

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