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Welcome to the Capsticks podcast, where our experts provide insight into the most important issues surrounding our sectors. Our podcasts are bite size by design; tailored to bring you up-to-date information on some of the latest pressing legal topics, in the time it takes you to drive to work or walk the dog.

For each topic, we have a specialist team of lawyers lending their expertise to keep you informed. Whether you're a leading industry professional or a legal enthusiast with a keen interest in one of our sectors, our podcasts cater for you. 


  • COVID-19 Inquiry Series

    Welcome to our latest podcast where our legal team provide first response perspectives of the preliminary hearing for Module 3 of the Covid Inquiry which took place on 28th February 2023.

    Exploring the facts and findings, along with observations about the legal and practical considerations for the healthcare sector, Francis Lyons and Hugh Giles will discuss:

    • Summary points from the preliminary hearing
    • Predictions for the focus and scope of the full hearing
    • Essential preparation if you are core participant or called as a witness
    • What happens next – and how we can help
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  • EMPOWERcast - refreshingly honest conversations with women in healthcare procurement and supply chain

    The HCSA Women’s Network Podcast series hosted by Capsticks 

    Welcome to the HCSA Women’s Network Podcast series with Mary Mundy, Deputy Head of Healthcare at Capsticks, proud sponsors of the HCSA Women's Network. 

    Bringing women together from NHS Procurement, Supply Chain and other sectors to share experiences from personal and professional viewpoints, the EMPOWERcast series aims to uplift, educate, and inspire.

    Each episode will focus on a topic where honest conversations really do make a difference to everyone – breaking down barriers, improving awareness and encouraging positive change.

    Mary will be joined by some remarkable guests throughout the series, so please join us, tune in and feel empowered!

    If you are interesting in joining the HCSA Women’s Network, please visit the HCSA Website.

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  • How will the NHS Provider Selection Regime (PSR) shape the future of healthcare procurement?

    Welcome to our latest podcast where our legal team discuss the recently published draft regulations for the NHS Provider Selection Regime (PSR), which comes into force on 1st January 2024.

    Join Mary Mundy and Peter Edwards as they outline the key changes within the PSR and how this will shape the future of health services being procured and awarded.

    This podcast will be of interest to anyone who provides health care services and those involved in awarding contracts for health care services in the NHS and Local Authorities.

    The discussion will include:

    • The key changes that the Provider Selection Regime will bring;
    • How the Provider Selection Regime will shape the way in which health services are procured and awarded; and
    • How to plan ahead for 2024.
    • How we can help
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  • Estates Essentials: NHS Projects Podcast

    Welcome to our NHS Projects Podcast which is part of our Estates Essentials series. Each episode will include a deep-dive discussion into NHS infrastructure projects, providing you with all the latest updates and insights to help you stay ahead of key developments.

    In episode one, join Matthew Hunter and Lee Clarke as they reflect upon progress of the New Hospital Programme, including the delivery of successful and ongoing projects, availability of capital funding and potential challenges in unsettled conditions.

    This podcast will be of interest to anyone who is in involved in the delivery, planning or financing of NHS infrastructure projects.

    They'll discuss:

    • Current state of play with the New Hospital Programme
    • Availability of funding and models being applied
    • Challenges and future developments
    • Insolvency of contractors
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  • Claims Handling Podcast

    Welcome to our latest podcast with Gerard Aston, Partner and Head of the Claims Handling Service and Zaki Kramer, Deputy Director for Quality, Risk & Trust SIRO at Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust, where they discuss  

    • What to prioritise when it comes to supporting clinicians. 
    • How learning from claims is shared and what really works. 
    • What it’s really like working with the Capsticks Claims Handling team. 
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  • Security Charging Series

    Welcome to Capsticks' latest podcast series in which our expert legal team provide you with guidance and suggestions on security charging.

    Whilst exploring some common themes and considering both the legal and practical implications, Susie Rogers, Suzanne Smith and Lucy Bradbury will discuss:

    • How to maximise values
    • Planning considerations
    • Ensuring pain-free security charging

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  • Procurement Bill Series

    Welcome to Capsticks’ Procurement Bill podcast. These podcasts are to help procurement teams in contracting authorities and bidders to navigate the expected changes under the Procurement Bill, providing practical tips on the implications of the changes. The podcasts relate to the first draft of the Procurement Bill and we know the final version of the procurement legislation may be different – we will provide updates. 

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  • Procurement Act 2023: Getting to grips with the key gamechangers

    Welcome to our latest podcast on the Procurement Act 2023. In this brief update, Mary Mundy and Katrina Day select the top game changers within the new procurement legislation, providing a clear and useful guide to help you prepare for the essential obligations and significant changes.

    This podcast will be of interest to all procurement professionals working across the public sector and anyone procuring for, or delivering public contracts.

    The discussion will include:

    • Top 6 game changers you should be aware of
    • The impact of those changes
    • Practical tips about preparing for the new legislation
    • How we can help
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