When disputes arise we can help you quickly resolve them through our mediation services. We provide you with a neutral person to help all parties reach an outcome that is satisfactory to everyone. Mediation takes place at a date, time and location of your choice and the team use their experience and expertise to resolve disputes in one day where possible. 

Our approach 

We will bring everyone together in one place to discuss the dispute, build trust and engage all parties to help enable communication. The day may involve group and one to one sessions to help understand the dispute from all points of view and allow for a successful route forward to be reached. All mediation will be tailored to each particular dispute and circumstance, allowing the best possible chance at dispute resolution. 

Why choose Mediation? 

The principle of mediation is looking for a resolution that everyone agrees to, one of the biggest benefits of mediation is that everyone will be satisfied with the result of the session. The process allows people to move on from past dispute and look forward to the future. Mediation is also a low cost and quick way to effectively resolve many disputes. 

By engaging in mediation, parties learn to express themselves and learn to look at a situation from another point of view. Mediation can help improve ongoing communication and rebuild relationships that may have been damaged during a dispute. People directly involved in the dispute are a part of deciding the outcome so everyone will find the outcome fair and feel committed to the resolution.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Healthcare and governance law
  • Workplace disputes
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Contract disputes
  • General Commercial mediation
  • Public law
  • Data protection
  • Disputes concerning medical treatment

About Rachael Heenan

Rachael is Senior Partner at Capsticks. As well as leading the firm, she works with clients in the health and social care, regulatory and housing sectors on workforce and governance issues as well as wider business strategy. In 2018 she was listed in The Lawyer Hot 100 for Firm Management

Clients say she is "capable, bright and pragmatic" and has a "refreshing down-to-earth style." She receives no shortage of praise from sources, who say she is "proactive, responsive, incredibly flexible and available at all hours."

Rachael undertakes mediations on behalf of clients focusing on workforce relations including grievances, breakdown in relationships and whistleblowing. Over a number of years, she has successfully helped parties to resolve their issues in a wide range of disputes. She is ranked in Band 1 as a Leading Lawyer.

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Clients say:

"She has the ability to make issues real for us. She is a consummate professional."

"She loves a challenge and offers innovative solutions to entrenched problems."

About Peter Marquand

Peter has been involved in helping parties resolve disputes in a wide range of areas, such as public law, disputes over medical treatment, clinical negligence and data protection.  For many years ranked as band 1 in healthcare and clinical negligence, Peter is now recognised as an “Eminent” practitioner in Chambers. Clients say that he is an “excellent lawyer” and known for “thinking outside the box.”

Peter has been involved in mediations for over 20 years.

Learn more about Peter Marquand on his profile.

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