We believe we have a responsibility to contribute to our community. Often the people our clients are working for are the more vulnerable or less well-off in society. By putting something back we also gain a better understanding of the people who may benefit from our legal work too. We’re also committed to make our practices as environmentally sustainable as possible.

How we embed CSR throughout the business:
  • Investing in state-of-the-art sustainability in all our offices
  • Developing and encouraging alternative entry routes to the profession and career development
  • Encouraging staff to create firm-wide and individual charitable initiatives
Our recent projects include:
  • The Wimbledon Guild
    We all find technology baffling at times. For the elderly, it can be almost insurmountable. Since 2012, staff have created a rota that means each week a small group spends an hour at the Wimbledon Guild helping local elderly people get to grips with modern technology. Or simply sitting and getting to know older people in the community over tea and biscuits.
  • Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability (RHN)
    We have a long relationship with the RHN. The hospital specialises in treating people who’ve suffered damage to their brain or nervous system, often caused by traffic accidents and illnesses. As well as volunteering, we’ve raised money through charitable events to fund the hospital's IT Suite and sophisticated therapeutic equipment. The equipment liberates many of the hospital's patients, transforming their ability to communicate and make the most of technology.
  • Mentoring school children in Leeds and Birmingham

    Leeds Ahead is a not-for-profit social enterprise focused on the regeneration of Leeds. We are an anchor business for the Make the Grade Education Programme. Staff in our Leeds office take part in a group mentoring scheme and other support events for Year 9 pupils at a secondary school in Leeds. Many children here come from deprived backgrounds and our work aims to encourage, support, advise and motivate them to improve their confidence and career aspiration.