When a health professional faces a malpractice claim, the stakes are high; complex cases often involve substantial sums in damages and costs. Having represented medical malpractice insurers and collaborated with brokers and intermediaries in tens of thousands of claims, inquests and inquiries, we can provide the best advice quickly and efficiently. In every single case, we fully support the health professional at the centre of a claim, and aim for the right result in a fair and economic way.
With our dedicated inquest service, your clinician will get help from the same advocate throughout the proceeding, making it highly cost-effective and convenient for you. You will be in safe hands with a team who has represented interested parties in the 7/7 London and Westminster Bridge Terrorist Attacks, Hillsborough, the Grenfell Tower public inquiry (representing London Ambulance Service), the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse and the Manchester Arena public inquiry (acting for Greater Manchester Police).

    How can Capsticks help?

    • 24 Hour Helpline

      We are able to provide 24 hour access to a team of experienced healthcare lawyers giving clinicians and hospitals prompt and practical advice when this is needed most. We can set up a bespoke service, so this can range from offering a simple claims notification line, to a more complex emergency assistance line.

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    • Care homes

      With our experience of both MedMal and Personal Injury Claims, working with our Inquests and Advisory teams we can provide a complete service for all care providers and their insurers facing injury claims. We can also assist with risk management and policy advices where needed.

      Click here to access our care home brochure
    • Clinical trials

      If you need help with claims brought by participants in human volunteer clinical trials, often under no-fault compensation schemes, we are here for you. We act for universities, pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organisations and their insurers, as well as advising on issues surrounding, for example, indemnity requirements for clinical trials for organisations and hospitals involved.

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    • Cosmetic and beauty claims

      With our experience of MedMal, product liability and Personal Injury Claims, we are able to assist with all aspects of cosmetic and beauty claims. We are able to provide support to organisations facing claims and can also assist with risk management and policy advices where needed.

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    • Elite sport

      Claims by athletes in elite sport can often be complex, especially when the claimant’s legal team seeks to bring the case against multiple defendants. We have experience of acting for indemnifiers for the individual surgeon or club doctor being sued as well as for the club or the governing body. We understand how the case may vary against different defendants and what is needed to successfully resolve any claim efficiently and proactively. In addition to litigating, we advise professional sports clubs and bodies such as The Football Association of Wales, Liverpool Football Club and British Athletics on establishing a governance framework through medico legal policies and training on a range of issues from consent and record keeping to data sharing and medicines management. 

    • Inquests

      Our inquest team can help clinicians and hospitals/entities through the inquest process, giving them the support they need. We have acted on some of the most high profile inquests in recent years and have a dedicated inquest service so you can be satisfied that the advice and assistance you receive is from real experts.

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    • Medical Malpractice Defence

      We are rated as a leading firm in medical malpractice claims, having acted for tens of thousands of defendants in clinical negligence claims over the past 4+ decades. We assist hospitals and other entities as well as individual practitioners from all specialisms in relation to claims brought against them for alleged negligent care.

      Check out our medical malpractice defence brochure
    • Monitoring counsel

      Whilst the majority of our work is in the UK, we also advise defence organisations and insurers on claims originating in other jurisdictions. Working together with local lawyers and claims handlers, we offer a tailored international medical malpractice coverage, legal claims and monitoring counsel service, which provides the detailed information you need to manage your portfolio of cases.

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    • Policy

      Acting as coverage counsel for underwriters on medical malpractice claims, we can help you find sufficiently clear wording in your policy and advise on how the commercial relationships between insurers and their insureds can be affected by policy decisions. We work with organisations and individuals on the instructions of underwriters to help them better understand reporting requirements and ensure compliance with policy conditions.

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    • Product liability

      As the healthcare industry becomes more automated, insurers, clinics, clinicians and manufacturers face an increasing number of issues around product liability. You can rely on our expertise in a wide range of litigation, from claims against individual manufacturers of equipment to group litigation actions such as the PIP implant claims, metal on metal hip cases and surgical mesh claims. We understand the crossover with medical malpractice claims and can provide a joined-up approach to such claims.

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