Our procurement team has extensive experience advising across all aspects of public procurement, from structuring, options appraisals, implementation and conduct of procurement processes, to procurement challenges (and defence) for bidders and contracting authorities.
Capsticks routinely works with NHS healthcare, housing and emergency services organisations, applying our expertise to the unique operational, reputational and financial risks associated with the procurement process and potential resulting disputes. The value and importance of public contracts means procurement in the sector is highly contentious; we work with clients across the full scope of the procurement to ensure a compliant procurement strategy, or defending against challenges. 
Our commercial expertise includes the procurement aspects of public sector collaborations, modifications to contracts during their term, framework agreements/call-off contracts and general commercial contracts. 
We appreciate that our clients work in fast-paced operational environments, and our procurement advice is always given within that context: pragmatic, solution-focussed and with an appropriate assessment of potential risks and mitigations. 
When disputes arise our team of specialist procurement litigation lawyers are experienced; having acted on both sides of numerous high-profile High Court cases for public sector bodies. We have the legal and practical knowledge to maximise bidders’ prospects of successfully challenging a procurement, and can help contracting authorities to spot issues early in the procurement process and manage a challenge if they do arise.

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