Expert legal advisers to GPs, Dentists and Pharmacists

A leading healthcare firm for over 40 years, Capsticks specialist primary care solicitors advise a plethora of primary care providers including, dentists, general practitioners (GPs) and pharmacists.
We understand commissioning arrangements, funding, policy and primary care contracting better than any other law firm. This allows our seasoned team of lawyers to quickly provide practical, cost effective solutions that let you focus on your patients, staff and business.

Who we support:

  • General practitioners (GPs)

    Capsticks primary care solicitors act for GP practices and primary care networks (PCNs) across the country and are experts at understanding the commercial challenges they face. We know you’ve got to keep on top of medical advances, regulatory changes and patient demand, whilst still finding time to manage property, partnerships, super-partnerships and all types of collaborations, from informal alliances through to full practice mergers.

    More about how we support GPs
  • Dentists

    Our expert team has in-depth knowledge of primary care and this gives us an unparalleled edge in delivering strategic and practical legal advice on a wide range of issues affecting your dental practice, whether private or NHS.

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  • Pharmacists

    We can provide your pharmacy with a full range of legal solutions, from buying and selling your business to employment advice, so there’s no need to hunt around for services or rely on non-specialists to learn the basics before offering advice.

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