Buying and selling Manses
The property market is challenging at the moment, so being prepared is more important than ever. We've outlined our top tips for preparing to buy or sell manse properties.
Primary Care Networks: Are you ready for 15 May?
The 15 May deadline for registration of your Primary Care Network is fast approaching, and there are many things to consider including its form, the allocation of risk and liability, and ultimately its purpose.
Professional regulatory
Regulatory Newsletter - April 2019
Read the latest edition of our Regulatory Newsletter, which reviews recent cases and examines key decisions from the last few months.
Health and social care
Dr Bawa-Garba permitted to return to practice subject to conditions
The GMC’s Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service found Dr Bawa Garba’s fitness to practise remained impaired due to the length of time she had been away from medical practice, but permitted a return from July 2019, subject to conditions for 24 months.
Top 5 Legal Tips When Selling Your Dental Practice
Our specialist dental lawyers have put together their top five tips for you to consider when selling your dental practice.
Health and social care
Court of Appeal upholds complaint of race discrimination against NHS Trust
The Court of Appeal has upheld a complaint of race discrimination against a NHS Trust—a reminder that where discrimination can be inferred, it is the employer's responsibility to show that it did not occur.
Housing case law - April 2019 update
Our latest monthly roundup of must read #ukhousing case law.
Care Homes
Top Social Care insights - April 2019
Read our roundup of the top insights from across the social care sector.
Workforce considerations for Primary Care Networks
Through the new Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme, announced in the 2019 GP Contract Framework, further funding will be made available to Primary Care Networks to reimburse over 20,000 additional staff by 2024.
Health and social care
EAT overturns finding of discrimination against NHS Trust
The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) recently overturned and Employment Tribunal's (ET) decision that a Trust’s treatment of a woman on maternity leave amounted to pregnancy and maternity discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.
Health and social care
Court of Appeal: compensatory rest breaks do not need to be continuous
The Court of Appeal found that a compensatory rest break does not need to be provided as a continuous 20 minute period.
Housing case law - March 2019 update
Our latest monthly roundup of must read #ukhousing case law.