Updating your partnership deed – when, why and how
It is important to ensure that the legal documentation protecting your medical business and property are in place and up to date. We explain when you need to update your partnership documents and set out tips on how this can be achieved efficiently.
Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) extends scope of protection for employees taking part in or preparing for industrial action
The EAT held that lack of protection from detriment for having taken part in or prepared for strike action under section 146 of TULCRA breached Article 11 of the ECHR and that such protection should therefore be read into section 146.
Public procurement “how to” series: Episode 1 – Pre-procurement market engagement
We start at the beginning of the procurement lifecycle and cover pre-procurement market engagemen (AKA “soft market testing”).
Preventing tenancy fraud and subletting in social housing
Tenancy fraud is a common issue for registered providers and local authorities. We summarise a recent case and how our legal experts can support housing providers to prevent fraudulent activities.
The new shared ownership model lease and the implications for the housing sector
The new shared ownership model lease includes further new provisions that make the shared ownership product more affordable by reducing the initial minimum share. We set out the new additions and the impact they will have on RPs.
New Government guidance on public sector exit payments
The Government has published new guidance for public sector employers on the making of special severance payments.
The Charities Bill – A simplified approach for registered providers
The Charities Bill discusses the need to simplify the process for charities to dispose of land, seeking to implement the recommendations from the Law Commission’s 2017 report. We examine how the changes will impact land disposals for registered providers.
Court of Appeal finds that the non-payment of an allowance to a female police officer during her maternity leave was not due to sex discrimination
In Commissioner of the City of London Police v Geldart, the Court of Appeal has held that a female police officer who was not paid the London allowance for the duration of her maternity leave did not suffer direct sex discrimination.
In the News
Housing case law - May 2021
Read our monthly housing case law update, which includes recent cases from courts in England and Wales that are relevant to the #ukhousing sector.
Procurement reform – Full steam ahead
The Queen’s speech last week has confirmed that it is full steam ahead with procurement reform, with the new Procurement Bill expected in September 2021. We outline the next steps in our insight.
The Queen’s Speech, May 2021: Highlights for the social housing sector
The Queen set out the government’s legislative priorities for the year ahead. We provide an overview of the key pieces of legislation, assessing the impact of each of these for registered providers and the social housing sector.
Refinancing your primary care premises: Frequently Asked Questions
Many GP partners own their freehold or long-leasehold surgery premises subject to financing and could benefit from refinancing with a new lender. We have summarised our answers to questions we often receive about the refinancing process.