This article is published as part of Capsticks’ Medical Malpractice Forward View 2022.

To date, the vast majority of the inquest cases we have been involved in relate to acquisition of Covid-19 during hospital admission and staffing/resource issues.  We have noticed a definite trend whereby Coroners were broadly understanding of the circumstances in which care was given. However, in a recent case a Coroner was critical of a decision not to escalate a patient’s care to ICU. Whether this is an isolated determination or is the start of a wider trend remains to be seen.

The established trend of Coroners appearing somewhat reluctant to determine that Covid was contracted during hospital admission, continues. For example, one Coroner’s view was influenced by the way Covid is transmitted, incubation periods and false negative tests. If this approach of ‘following the science’ is replicated nationally, it may reduce the likelihood of Covid-related claims. 

Medical Malpractice Forward View 2022 

This article is part of Capsticks’ Medical Malpractice Forward View 2022

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