Capsticks has launched a refreshed strategy and set of values defining the firm’s purpose and vision from now until 2025. The overall aim is to be “the firm of choice for those who work to make a difference”, highlighting Capsticks’ work for the sectors which are vital to our society and continue to make a positive impact on people’s lives: health and social care, social housing, emergency services and regulators.

In collaboration across all our practice areas, the leadership team has shaped a plan to focus on smart growth, client excellence, connected expertise and motivated teams, bringing together clear strategies and streamlined working as well as personal growth and wellbeing.

The three core values, People First, Doing the Right Thing and Forward Thinking will be implemented into everyday life at Capsticks, reflecting qualities and behaviours that we already live by and have cherished during the unique transformation of home and work life in the past 18 months.  

Rachael Heenan, Senior Partner, said: “The pandemic has brought many changes for all of us and we thought it was only right that we took some time to take stock about what we do as a firm and what we want to do in the future. Our new values speak right to the heart of who we are as an organisation. They speak to the sort of clients we work for, they reflect what we look to achieve for the communities we live and work in, but they also represent why we are all here. We want to contribute something back into the world and for our work to mean something tangible.” 

Martin Hamilton, Managing Partner, said: “Our main reason for doing the strategy review was to think about who we really are. We wanted to bring us together with a really strong sense of direction - so that whatever the challenges, we’re aligned and connected. The vision is also about our people and anyone who wants to work with us or be connected with us. We want to be the first choice employer for people who work to make a difference, and deliver results that matter.” 

The strategy will be embedded through initiatives across leadership development, client communications, processes and management, with a plan to build it into everything that we do over the next five years.