In a specialist sector like housing you need an expert employment lawyer to advise across the full range of employee relations issues you face - from a housing perspective. We are housing experts, with a 35 year track record in the sector, and understand the housing association business – its regulatory constraints; dual business and social imperatives; reputational focus and HR challenges.

On a more strategic level the housing sector experiences high contract with successive outsourcing of local authority and other purchase contracts. TUPE can be complex and difficult disputes can arise presenting a number of different employee relations challenges. In negotiating a way through with other parties we’re always are alive to the sensitivities involved, and the need to maintain a positive relationship with the local authority involved.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Disputes

    There are of course times when, irrespective of how an employee relations issue has been handled, it can result in a costly, time-consuming and damaging employment tribunal claim. A claim can also impact your relationships with stakeholders and your organisation’s future public sector tenders.

    We have defended all manner of employment claims in the employment tribunal and higher courts and regularly defend complex, multi-action claims for housing providers (and managers named with the organisation in the claim). Our in-house barristers are always available to you for an early view on a case to ensure that the right result is achieved in court.

    We have a superb track record defending these claims, securing early withdrawals and costs at levels above national averages, protecting your resources and discouraging further claims going forward.

  • Integration

    The integrated services agenda is now firmly in place with housing, health and social care providers moving towards collaborative solutions in the drive for high quality, cost-effective services. Our position as leading lawyers to the health, housing and social care sectors gives us unrivalled expertise to deliver innovative commissioning models and commercial collaborations across these sectors and our influential contacts open up immediate opportunities to our clients.

Case Study

Concerns regarding a Finance Director

Following serious conduct allegations against a Housing Association’s Finance Direction (FD), the client needed guidance regarding the management of the FD and how to minimise its risk during a disciplinary investigation process.

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