In our annual review of events in the year ahead which could impact the healthcare, life sciences and medical malpractice sectors, we consider seven key decisions on topics including the duty of care owed, the doctrine of vicarious liability, compensation following illegal acts, surrogacy costs and the sharing of genetic information. Fixed recoverable costs are on the horizon, the number of mediations is likely to continue to grow and we expect to see more challenges in the courts against dishonest claimants. The long awaited report following, the Paterson inquiry will publish its findings this year and we consider what may come out of this. Finally at a time when medical technology continues to advance we consider how the growth of telemedicine, AI and robotics will present potential new legal challenges.

Read the articles in our Medical Malpractice Forward View 2020 below:

What else is on the horizon for 2020?

  • Consent will remain in the spotlight with the GMC due to publish updated guidance on the topic by the end of January 2020.
  • Increased media coverage of mental health issues and a greater willingness to call out inappropriate behaviour following #MeToo means that we are like see more stress and harassment claims based on gender, religion and sexual orientation.
  • NHS Resolution will be publishing its thematic review of emergency medicine claims. This key piece of research aims to assist in driving improvements in patient care and safety.
  • Amid reports of a national opioid crisis and multi-million dollar settlements in the US, liability insurers may see a rise in claims against pharmaceutical companies in the UK.
  • A government consultation on extending the categories of Claimants who can recover bereavement damages is awaited following the recommendation of Parliamant’s Select Committee on Human Rights. Any extension is likely to increase claims values for Fatal Accidents.

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