NHS Resolution has reported settlement of a record number of claims through alternative means such as mediation. Its Annual Report and Accounts 2018-19 reveal 397 mediations in the year, a 110% increase on 2017-18.  Furthermore, the rate of mediation in 2018-19 was six times greater than its 62 clinical negligence trials. NHS Resolution’s aim is for mediation to no longer be seen as a novel means of resolving a clinical negligence claim, given the benefits it can deliver beyond compensation, as evidenced by its research into why people pursue claims.  The flexibility of mediation as a means of claims resolution is unique. It affords the healthcare organisation an opportunity for explanations and apologies to be given face to face and to reassure Claimants what steps have been taken to prevent recurrence.

We may also see more use of Early Neutral Evaluation (‘ENE’) in some medical malpractice claims. The neutral arbitrator, possibly a retired judge or a QC, hears each party's submissions and then states his or her view on the likely outcome at trial. That view is without prejudice and has no binding effect.

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