Supporting our clients

Whether you are an NHS Trust, private healthcare provider, social care provider or housing association we are here to support you in a number of ways. Please browse our sector resource area, created to provide you with information to answer your questions. 

We are firmly committed to doing what we can to help to support you in the important work you’re doing. Therefore, this area will be continually reviewed and updated to reflect any changes that occur and to answer common queries that we receive.

Capsticks’ response

We have asked all our people to avoid non-essential travel between our five offices and have implemented home-working.  We have also asked our people not to travel to health and social care clients unless absolutely essential. This helps to avoid any virus being spread to our people or to our clients and, in turn, avoids them spreading any virus across health and social care premises. We are encouraging video conferencing and conference calls as an alternative (or off-site meetings where face-to-face is needed). We have also postponed all our planned events until the end of June 2020. View our full business continuity plan here.

We hope that you understand the steps that we have taken to protect our people and our clients but if you have any questions, please let us know.