Mediation and other forms of dispute resolution are set to continue rising in medical malpractice claims
NHS Resolution has reported settlement of a record number of claims through alternative means such as mediation
Fixed Recoverable Costs should contribute to controlling the rising costs of clinical negligence claims, but there is further work to be done
This year the government will decide on the level of fixed fees to adopt for the proposed new standard and light tracks for lower value clinical negligence claims.
Where next on the appropriate approach to future accommodation claims?
With the Personal Injury Discount Rate remaining in negative territory, arguments for the traditional Roberts & Johnstone approach to be replaced are likely to gather pace.
Paterson Inquiry report due in early 2020
Consultant breast surgeon Ian Paterson is serving 20 years in prison following convictions for unlawful wounding/wounding patients with intent.
Spotlight on seven key decisions in 2020 affecting healthcare providers and insurers
Seven key cases either awaiting decisions or coming before the Supreme Court in 2020 that are likely to have a significant impact for healthcare organisations.
Medical Malpractice and Clinical Law Insight: Winter 2019
We consider the latest developments in medical malpractice and product liability, evidence and procedure, quantum and inquests.
Medical records: if it’s not written down it didn’t happen?
Care needs to be taken when making records of clinical consultations or treatment. The time-pressures of modern practice mean the creation of a comprehensive note is easy to overlook.
Concussion: Coming round again
This article considers the medico-legal aspects of concussion injury, the duty of care owed by those involved and the governance measures which organisations can put in place to minimise the risk of concussion related litigation.
Medical Malpractice and Clinical Law Insight: Summer 2019
Welcome to our latest edition of Clinical Law Insight for the insurance market, in which we consider the latest developments in medical malpractice and general liability, inquests and clinical law.
Medical Malpractice Forward View 2019
We take a look at a few of the key topics in healthcare which could impact on indemnity providers and what can be done to prepare for any change.
Darnley: the Supreme Court rules on the case of the patient who left A&E after 19 minutes
An insight into the Supreme Court decision on the Darnley v Croydon Health Services NHS Trust case
Claims for psychiatric injury in the workplace
We are seeing a growing number of claims for psychiatric injury arising from healthcare employees who are overworked and under supported, and those claiming that they have been bullied or harassed in the workplace.