Health and social care
NHS Dorset CCG successfully defends judicial review of major service changes
The High Court dismissed an application for judicial review of the CCG’s decisions to make major service changes to health services in Dorset
Health and social care
Conducting moderation meetings: Lancashire Care
An insight into the implications from the Lancashire Care NHSFT and Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHSFT v Lancashire County Council case.
Health and social care
New CHC framework - the changes and implications
The Department of Health and Social Care has amended the National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS Funded Nursing Care and issued a new version of the framework in March 2018.
Health and social care
Dr Bawa-Garba wins her appeal: Suspended, Not Erased
There are some cases where the facts are such that erasure of a doctor is the only proper and reasonable sanction. Dr Bawa-Garba’s case was not one of them.
Health and social care
Independent healthcare
No requirement for court approval to withdraw treatment in agreed prolonged disorder of consciousness cases
Supreme Court upholds decision on withdrawal of CANH in the case of NHS Trust v Y [2018] UKSC 46.
Health and social care
Inquest conclusion of “suicide” can now be determined on the balance of probabilities
The criminal standard of proof is no longer required for an inquest to determine that a death was as a result of suicide.
Health and social care
EAT rules on holiday pay entitlement under Agenda for Change
The Employment Appeal Tribunal has considered the difficult issue of voluntary overtime and the calculation of holiday pay.
Health and social care
High Court grants interim injunction preventing NHS Trust from continuing disciplinary proceedings
The High Court has ruled that an employer cannot continue with disciplinary proceedings against an employee pending resolution of her claim that the proceedings are in breach of her contract of employment.
Health and social care
Court of Appeal confirms that allegations must be specific and factual to amount to protected disclosures
Court of Appeal has provided some further guidance on what will amount to a "protected disclosure" under the whistleblowing legislation.
Emergency services
Health and social care
Inquests: increase in public funding for representation for bereaved families
Guidance issued changing the way public funding for representation for families at Article 2 inquests is decided.
Health and social care
Supreme Court upholds need for variations to follow contractual process
An insight into the the Rock Advertising Limited v MWB Business Exchange Centres Limited judgment.
Health and social care
Access to health records - important changes to know
Important points to note about the charging regimes and finding the exemptions