ICB due diligence: our top tips for carrying out policy reviews and risk assessments
NHS England and NHS Improvement's Readiness to Operate Statement Checklist sets out the due diligence CCGs need to carry out by the end of March 2022. We explain which key issues you need to consider in the due diligence exercise.
Key considerations for transferring CCG properties to Integrated Care Boards
CCGs need to review their property arrangements to ensure that relevant matters are included in the transfer arrangements. Find out which steps you need to take to make the transition as easy as possible and how to make property savings in the future.
Clinical Law Insight: Autumn 2021
Welcome to the autumn edition of our Clinical Law Insight. Hospital-acquired Covid-19 infections have been a more significant cause of death than previously appreciated. We consider how you can prepare for claims and for the Public Inquiry due in 2022.
Mandatory vaccination requirements for workers in health and social care: What employers need to know
New mandatory COVID-19 vaccine regulations for health and social care settings in England will come into force on 1 April 2022. Find out which actions you need to take in our insight.
Integrated care boards: Delegation of functions and governance arrangements
We look at what arrangements will be available for the delegation of integrated care board (ICB) functions, and key considerations for those tasked with developing the governance arrangements for emerging ICBs.
NHS Provider Selection Regime: How will the procurement of healthcare services change?
Following a consultation on the new NHS Provider Selection Regime, read more on how healthcare services might be procured in future and how Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) can start preparing for the new regulations and guidance.
EAT determines right to pay during suspension for zero hours and casual workers
The EAT has recently held that a bank worker was not entitled to receive pay whilst suspended from the bank pending investigation. Find out what the decision means for your bank worker arrangements and how to protect your organisation from similar claims.
CCG close down and ICB establishment due diligence: Your questions answered
The Health and Care Bill provides for the abolition of CCGs and the transfer of assets, rights, liabilities and staff to ICBs. We summarise key due diligence milestones, how it should be carried out, and where legal support is recommended.
Mandatory vaccination requirements for care home workers: What employers need to know
New regulations will come into force on 11 November 2021, requiring all persons working or deployed in a CQC registered care home to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, unless an exemption applies. We provide you with the latest developments.
Public procurement “how to” series: Episode 3 – The selection stage
In this episode Kay Day and Mary Mundy discuss the selection stage of the procurement procedure, including the purpose of selection questions, the importance of finance tests and the need for staff training and robust record keeping at this stage.
The Health and Care Bill: Implications for providers and commissioners
The Health and Care Bill was published on 6 July 2021. We will be issuing a series of “bite sized” updates on those aspects of the Bill that are likely to have most practical impact on your day-to-day work. You can access all of our resources here.
What does the Health and Care Bill mean for the establishment and governance of Integrated Care Systems?
The Health and Care Bill contains new details of the requirements for ICB constitutions, the membership of the ICB and the relationship with an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP). Read more on how the changes will affect you in our insight.