‘Right to Regenerate’: an easier way to buy unused land for development?
The new "Right to Regenerate" aims to make it easier to develop vacant, void, or derelict buildings. We examine the proposal and its impact on developers and providers of affordable housing.
Housing case law - January 2021
Read our monthly housing case law update, which includes recent cases from courts in England and Wales that are relevant to the #ukhousing sector.
Proposed leasehold reforms: what housing providers need to know
The Housing Secretary has announced a series of changes to reduce the financial burden currently placed on many leaseholders and create a fairer and simpler system of home ownership. We summarise these reforms and what they mean for housing providers.
Procurement reform - Will the grass be greener on the other side?
The Government has issued its Green Paper on procurement reform. In this insight, we examine the proposals, whether this will be the simpler, cheaper regime promised and what procurement might look like for registered providers in the future.
"Ban on eviction" extended in England and Wales from 11 January 2021
The restrictions on enforcing possession proceedings and the eviction ban were due to expire on 11 January but the current state of the pandemic has seen new, separate, regulations in England and Wales extending the ban. We set out the latest position.
Leasehold reforms: what can you expect from the new proposals?
On 7 January the Housing Minister announced that there will be some significant leasehold reforms for England put before parliament in the coming months. We set out the reasons for the reforms and the key changes we expect them to bring.
Below threshold procurement after Brexit: What are our clients asking us?
The Cabinet Office has issued a new PPN setting out principles for the procurement of “below threshold” contracts following Brexit. We answer some of the most common questions around the new PPN.
Housing case law - December 2020
Read our monthly housing case law update, which includes recent cases from courts in England and Wales that are relevant to the #ukhousing sector.
The November 2020 spending review in brief: Key highlights for registered providers
In his November 2020 spending review, the Chancellor announced a number of initiatives in housing and infrastructure, including the National Home Building Fund and a “levelling up” fund. We set out a summary of the key highlights from the spending review.
Government clarifies circumstances in which evictions can take place between now and 11 January 2021
Following inconsistency in the courts’ approach to the enforcement of possession orders during lockdown, the government introduced new regulations that set out the circumstances in which bailiffs and enforcement officers can carry out an eviction process.
Social housing white paper proposes FOI-like regime for RPs
The Government's recently published white paper on social housing regulation includes a proposal introducing a new access to information regime for social housing tenants of housing associations and other private registered providers.
The social housing white paper: Implications for landlords
The long awaited social housing white paper was published on 17 November, setting out reforms which aim to improve services to tenants. In this extended insight we look at some of the measures detailed within the Charter, and what they mean for RPs.