2021 is the year economies and industries continue to come to terms with the repercussions of  COVID-19. While the insurance sector as a whole will need to address the Supreme Court ruling on business interruption claims arising from the pandemic, those dealing with medical malpractice and the  life sciences sectors will very likely have various indirect consequences from the pandemic impacting on claims. The allocation of resources across the health sector could form the basis of future litigation around delays in treatment as could the increased use of tele medicine and AI to respond to the pandemic. These issues and others such as virtual court hearings and a renewed focus on patient safety are considered in this year's Forward View

Understanding the potential risks will allow health providers and their indemnifiers to hopefully avoid litigation as we eventually enter a new post pandemic world which will, whether it is better or worse in different ways, certainly be very different to life as we knew it.

Find all the articles our Medical Malpractice Forward View for 2021 listed below.

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