Sexual safety in the workplace

The new duty on employers to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace has put sexual safety at work in the spotlight. It is evident that sexual safety is important not only from a business / service perspective, but also to protect employees, something which will be crucial in improving staff retention.

Join us on 3 July to explore the practical steps employers can take to create a safe workplace, to empower staff, managers, leaders and HR teams to report and respond effectively to concerns raised and how to achieve a positive culture change.  

Key topics that will be covered:

  • What is sexual safety?
  • Wider context – cultural changes, #MeToo and other high profile campaigns, NHS sexual safety charter
  • The legal framework 
  • Consequences of failing to meet/being in breach of legal duties
  • How to create a safe workplace – practical steps
  • What to do when a concern is reported
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