For Profit Registered Providers - The Future of Housing?

In this session, our panel of expert speakers look at for profit registered providers (RPs).

4 June 2024
Aesthetic Surgery Managing the Risks

Providing practical tips on aesthetic practice, to include best practice to minimise the risk of a claim or regulatory referral.

22 May 2024
Mental Health in Crisis – A perspective from a practitioner and patient

In this session, our experts took a look at mental health from the perspective of a practitioner and a patient.

14 May 2024
Leasehold and Asset Management Essentials: Electronic Communications Code

James Burt looked at the Electronic Communications Code in detail.

1 May 2024
The PCN Journey – Incorporation and Beyond

This webinar explored the journey of incorporation itself and the considerations, pitfalls and insights of running a PCN company.

25 April 2024
Contractor Insolvency - The key issues and solutions

Wilton Thomas and Mathieu Quenin delivered a detailed session looking at the key issues and solutions where there has been contractor insolvency.

23 April 2024
Inquests and their dilemmas; a cohesive review

Our experts in Advisory, Claims, Employment and Information Law considered a healthcare case study which progressed to an Inquest

23 April 2024
Serious Medical Treatments Masterclass

This masterclass focused on what are often the most important and challenging decisions surrounding applications.

26 March 2024
Best Value: Preparing for PFI Transition and what happens if there is a failure?

Our expert speakers considered how prepared local authorities are or should be in relation to their PFI exit strategy.

21 March 2024
Leasehold and Asset Management Essentials: Shared Ownership

Alexandra Aristidou and Nalton Stembari explored shared ownership.

19 March 2024
The new consumer standards – driving significant change in landlord behaviour

This webinar looked at the changing landscape of consumer regulation and the new consumer standards in social housing.

12 March 2024
AI in healthcare - Opportunities, challenges and legal risks

An introduction to risk and legal issues in the deployment of AI

29 February 2024