Helping trusts meet the financial challenge: Identifying productivity and efficiency savings

The pressure on NHS providers to make financial savings continues unabated. Capsticks is working with NHS trusts and foundation trusts all over the country on a range of productivity and efficiency measures. Some of these projects give quick, easy wins for our clients. Other solutions are more innovative but could deliver more radical solutions. As lawyers, we also see where a small investment upfront can save significant costs later on.

In the tables within this booklet, we’ve set out some of the ways we are helping to deliver savings for NHS providers. We have also included proposals to take into account the direction of healthcare, especially in relation to integration and primary care projects. We’ve RAG rated the projects to help separate the “low-hanging fruit” from those projects which carry greater risk. The tables cover savings in all areas - workforce, real estate, reconfiguration and contractual savings.

If you’d like to discuss any of these projects, please get in touch with the lawyers named at the end of this booklet.