CSR Annual Report 17/18

The Firm’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme continues to go from strength to strength. Our CSR work is a key part of our identity as a Firm and involves a lot of hard work from a large number of employees.

As a Firm, we act for clients who have a positive impact on society, be it the delivery of excellent health services, quality housing or public protection. Our CSR framework is a key part of our own overall strategy for ensuring that, as a business, we have a positive impact on our community and society in general.

Our CSR projects have been commended locally and nationally for their innovation and engagement of people from a cross-section of society. It is our people that make it all happen. Capsticks’ staff donate huge amounts of time and energy to charitable causes and our CSR projects.

We are really proud of our CSR work here at Capsticks and are always looking for new ways of positively supporting and engaging with our community, both locally and nationally. I hope you enjoy reading what we’ve been up to over the last year!