General liability claims

Historic abuse is receiving significant publicity which brings with it large volumes of Claimants who previously felt they could not report their stories. Coupled with the widening scope of vicarious liability, we are now regularly seeing claims against schools, sports clubs, the entertainment industry, children’s homes and charities.

Having handled individual cases as well as many high profile claims, such as following the Savile Inquiry, we have considerable experience in this highly sensitive and specialised area. We understand that each case needs to beapproached uniquely, reviewed to understand the key issues and the importance of working with the client to plan for all possible outcomes and to understand their obligations as an employer.

We have experience in advising on a wide range of employers, public and general liability matters including work place regulation, bullying & harassment and occupier’s liability helping you navigate indemnities, defences and recoveries. Having worked with insurers, agencies, independent hospitals, healthcare providers and clinicians we have the skills and breadth of knowledge to guide you through every aspect of the claims and litigation process.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Abuse claims against organisations in the health and social care sector.
  • Advising on inquiries and investigations associated with allegations of abuse.
  • Working with providers of health and social care to discharge their obligations as an employer.


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