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High Court overrides police conduct panel's decision to issue a final warning for gross misconduct
The High Court quashed a police misconduct panel's decision to impose a final warning on an officer who has engaged in gross misconduct through racist comments and stereotyping following a judicial review. We summarise the decision and what to take away.
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Professional regulatory
Return to work and risk assessments during COVID-19
For a successful return to work during COVID-19, employers have a duty to carry out a risk assessment, implement safe systems of work and to keep these under review. Our risk assessment flowchart sets out the key issues for employers to consider.
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Returning to work in the time of COVID-19
The Government has published guidance to assist those who are returning to work following the announcement this week of the COVID-19 recovery strategy.
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Cap on “voluntary exit scheme” payments to disabled police officers was discriminatory
The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has provided guidance on objective justification in cases of alleged unfavourable treatment for a reason arising in consequence of disability.
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Employment Tribunal holds that retirement policy operated by university was age discriminatory
The Employment Tribunal has found that the dismissal of a university professor once he reached the employer’s default retirement age was unfair and discriminatory on grounds of age.
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Female police officer did not require male comparator to show direct sex discrimination
The EAT has found that a female police officer who claimed direct sex discrimination did not have to prove that the force would have treated a male comparator differently.
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Supreme Court finds dismissal automatically unfair even where decision-maker is unaware of the true reason for dismissal
The Supreme Court has found that an employee was unfairly dismissed for making protected disclosures despite the fact that the dismissing manager was unaware of the disclosures when she made the decision to dismiss.
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Health and social care
The increase in violence against healthcare and emergency service workers
The year on year increases in assaults by service users and members of the public on staff working in healthcare and the emergency services are a significant concern for both workers and employers.
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Culture Change in Fire and Rescue Services
The culture of Fire and Rescue Services has a huge part to play in the retention of employees and in this Insight we look at some of the trends which have emerged from the ‘People’ section from Tranches 1 and 2 of HMICFRS reports.
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Court of Appeal upholds claim of perceived disability discrimination against police force
In the first case of perceptive discrimination to come before the Court of Appeal, the Court has upheld the decision of the EAT that a police officer was discriminated against when she was refused a transfer because of a perceived disability.
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Data Protection Act 2018: Judgment on processing for law enforcement purposes
Following a judicial review challenge, the High Court has concluded that an Information Sharing Agreement (ISA) between Sussex Police and the area Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP) complied with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018.
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Emergency Services Roundup – 24 January
Capsticks’ bi-weekly roundup of insights and news stories affecting blue light services.