Recent case law on gender critical beliefs
There have been three recent high-profile decisions involving claimants who allege they had been discriminated against, harassed and victimised because of their ‘gender critical beliefs’. Find out what this means for employers in our insight.
High Court injunction preventing employees being ‘fired and rehired’ overturned by Court of Appeal
The Court of Appeal held that the High Court was wrong to impose a permanent injunction against Tesco to prevent it from dismissing and re-engaging a group of staff. Learn more about the decision and the practical consequences for UK employers.
The two reforms housing practitioners need to have on their radar
The Government has proposed two new bills relating to housing. As they are being discussed in parliament in the current session, find out what to expect from the reforms and our view on how they might work in practice.
Covid-19 Public Inquiry: Everything you need to know following the Chair’s opening statement
The Chair of the UK Covid-19 Inquiry set out how the Inquiry is going to function, including the breakdown of its first three ‘modules’. Find out what each module, Core Participant status and the costs protocol mean in practice.
What to expect: Government consultation on proposals for the reform of fire and rescue services
A consultation exercise is underway covering a package of proposals for the reform of fire and rescue services. Find out how the proposed reform could affect you and what FRS can do to prepare for proposed changes to employment, leadership and governance.
Housing Case Law - July/August 2022
Read our monthly housing case law update, summarising the latest cases and court decisions in one practical update, so you can devote more time to supporting your tenants.
How the Rent Arrears Arbitration Scheme can help commercial landlords recover outstanding rent payments
There is a legally binding arbitration process through which commercial landlords and tenants can resolve outstanding rent debts which have accrued during the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out how the process works and if you can benefit from it.
Chief Coroner removes entitlement to conduct remote hearings and introduces power to hold inquests in writing
The Chief Coroner has published new guidance in respect of remote hearings (Guidance no. 42) and inquests in writing and rule 23 evidence (Guidance no. 29). We explore the changes and how they will impact your own proceedings in this insight.
Clinical Law Insight: Summer 2022
We cover the latest on the Covid-19 Inquiry, recommendations from the Ockenden report and NHS Resolution's thematic reviews of clinical negligence claims in emergency medicine, diabetes and lower limb complications, plus an analysis of anaesthesia claims.
Withdrawal of the NHS COVID-19 workforce guidance – further update for employers
Following the withdrawal of the staff terms and conditions section of the COVID-19 workforce guidance, the NHS Staff Council has issued guidance on managing the transition of staff back to contractual sick pay arrangements, and any new COVID-19 cases.
Procurement Bill podcast: Episode 6 - Who and what?
Our podcast series helps you navigate changes under the upcoming Procurement Bill. In episode 6, Mary and Kat discuss the "who" and the "what" under the procurement bill, looking at the definitions of contracting authorities and public contracts.
Government to withdraw key sections of the NHS COVID-19 workforce guidance
The Government has announced that it will be withdrawing the staff terms and conditions section of the COVID-19 workforce guidance in England with effect from 7 July 2022. We summarise the changes and their potential impact below.