Covid-19 Public Inquiry: Everything you need to know following the Chair’s opening statement
The Chair of the UK Covid-19 Inquiry set out how the Inquiry is going to function, including the breakdown of its first three ‘modules’. Find out what each module, Core Participant status and the costs protocol mean in practice.
Clinical Law Insight: Summer 2022
We cover the latest on the Covid-19 Inquiry, recommendations from the Ockenden report and NHS Resolution's thematic reviews of clinical negligence claims in emergency medicine, diabetes and lower limb complications, plus an analysis of anaesthesia claims.
Covid-19 Public Inquiry formally established and Terms of Reference finalised
On 28 June, the Prime Minister set the Terms of Reference of the UK Covid-19 Inquiry, which means that the Inquiry has been formally established under the Inquiries Act 2005. Find out the key changes, topics and next step for the Inquiry in our insight.
Covid-19 Public Inquiry sets out additional terms of reference
The terms of reference for the UK Covid-19 Public Inquiry are set to expand, following a proposal from Baroness Hallett, the Inquiry’s Chair, to the Prime Minister on 12 May. In our insight, we explain which clarifications and additions you can expect.
Draft terms of reference published for UK Covid-19 Inquiry
The scope of the inquiry into preparations for and the response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been published and is now subject to a public consultation. Find out what the terms of reference mean for the NHS and how to take part in the consultation.
The latest on the Covid-19 Public Inquiry
Read the latest developments regarding the impending Public Inquiry, including what this means for you.
Preparing for the COVID-19 Public Inquiry: What NHS organisations need to consider
The statutory inquiry into the government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic will commence in 2022, which may compel organisations and individuals to provide evidence. We summarise the current situation and which steps NHS organisations need to take.