Our new intake of trainees and second trainees allowed us to join them last night for pizza and ping pong and what a fab group they are. What was also interesting was how much more experience and polish they had than any of us at the same stage 20 years ago.

I asked Twitter for some help with tips for them not that I suspect they need it but I thought I’d capture the feedback here for future reference and can add to it. Thanks to all our contributors. I’ve included their twitter names so you can follow them if you like.

1. Keep turning up - nimi64157762

2. Work hard, be kind and if you’re unsure ask @jasonacostello

3. Be proud, don’t show it. Humility and kindness are essential not poses. Everyone, literally, everyone knows more than you, but even the best of them are not always right which means always listen to your own judgement @richardmoorhead

4. Work life balance is key throughout your career @hvlane

5. There are no stupid questions @tippettcooper

6. If you’re unsure about a task, ask - better to do that then to have to redo everything @jhatton_

7. Suggest views/options when seeking supervision @littlesilvestro

8. Look after each other as a trainee cohort. You will make friends for life @littlesilvestro

9. Recognise feedback as an opportunity - it’s not personal @littlesilvestro

10. Keep your sense of humour, a grin will go a long way @suedodman

11. Switch off at the end of the day so you are fresh for the next @didlawkaren

12. Be respectful to business support staff @trevorclarks118

12. If you’re worried about something talk to someone. I remember all the sleepless night worrying about things I thought I had got wrong when I hadn’t @heenanrachael

Remember just because they have a title it doesn’t mean they know what they are doing. Most of us wing it ;-)