Mock Employment Tribunal

The employment team at Capsticks is delighted to invite you to join our Mock Employment Tribunal on 20 January 2021, in collaboration with Devereux Chambers. This year we will be providing a virtual format, reflecting the changes we have seen in how Employment Tribunal hearings are now working in practice.

Chaired by Victoria Watson, with guest appearances by the Capsticks team as witnesses, Samuel Nicholls and Hitesh Dhorajiwala from Devereux will conduct the advocacy. You will have the opportunity to listen to submissions by the barristers, cross examination of witnesses and the decision of the judge will be ‘live’ on the day (and will not be predetermined!).

After the decision has been given, attendees will have an opportunity to put questions to the team from Capsticks and Devereux on how the decision was reached, their experiences of CVP hearings and the challenges which are likely to persist in respect of Employment Tribunal processes for the foreseeable future. The Mock Employment Tribunal will provide a real life guide for HR Professionals and any other staff who may be involved in tribunal proceedings.

Event contact

If you have any queries about this event, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Additional information

Please note that unless otherwise stated our events are free to attend. Places at our events are subject to availability and awarded at the discretion of Capsticks. If space becomes limited at this event and we may need to restrict numbers attending from individual organisations.