Healthcare infrastructure projects

Join us for a webinar focussing on Healthcare Infrastructure Projects. The NHS is operating in exceptional times but, despite the challenges, capital programmes must continue to move forward. The Government has also recently pushed the Health Infrastructure Plan (HIP) into its next phase with the further commitment to funding and additional projects announced in early October. The good news is that NHS infrastructure projects are therefore accelerating despite the uncertainty that surrounds the economy and the construction industry.

In this webinar, our expert panel will provide you with some key insights into how to effectively implement your healthcare development projects, consider the potential risks faced and available solutions and draw upon key experiences from working on some of the largest NHS builds undertaken in recent times. This session is not only designed for those NHS Trusts embarking on a HIP project but is relevant to any NHS organisation that is taking forward or involved with a healthcare infrastructure project.

Matthew Hunter, Real Estate Partner at Capsticks will consider key points around the acquisition of land for development, looking at options to secure land, best practice during the acquisition process and vital steps to take to ensure that a site is de-risked prior to the development proceeding, and providing insight into his experience of working on HIP and other major NHS build projects.

Lee Clarke, Projects Partner at Capsticks, will discuss procurement strategy and contract options for major health projects. With multiple major projects coming to market in a short timeframe it is important to structure your project in a way that minimises risk.  Lee has advised on multiple major projects in 2019/2020 including MMUH, Lighthouse laboratory projects and major energy infrastructure projects in the NHS.

Warren Grigg, Senior Project Manager on the Midland Metropolitan University Hospital project, will share the MMUH competitive dialogue procurement experience (for the design and build phase and the major FM project phase).

Attendees will enjoy an engaging and lively discussion, there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions of the panel at the end of the session.

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