Seven trainees will qualify with the firm this year (the same number as in 2016). Of the 2017 qualifiers, four have had their paralegal experience recognised and already qualified, and the remaining trainees qualify in September. In recent years the firm has tended to recruit from its paralegal pool first, recognising this group as a valuable source of future talent – all of its intake of trainees in 2016 and 2017 have been paralegals with the firm.

Ian Cooper, Training Principal for the firm, said “We are delighted that we could offer every single one of our trainees a position within the firm, building on our success last year. This is testament to their exceptional hard work and shows how invaluable they have become to all our business. We give our trainees very early exposure to sensitive and often politically important cases, and they have all risen to the challenge, performing at a very high level.’’