Medical law is at the heart of what we do at Capsticks. Many of our lawyers are healthcare specialists so we are not learning on your time or reinventing the wheel. We just do what we are good at - providing clear, reliable advice time after time.

We work with clients across the country helping them address a broad range of issues from responding to routine non-contentious matters such as a patient's or their parents'/guardian's right to access their medical records, to handling complex, sensitive and high profile cases involving consent to treatment, capacity and Children's Act issues as well as everything in between.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Consent to treatment
    • Religious beliefs and Jehovah witnesses 
    • Treatment of children 
    • HIV status and treatment issues 
    • Best interest decisions and treatment under the Mental Capacity Act 
    • Treatment and the Human Rights Act 
    • Protection of vulnerable adults
  • Issues concerning children
    • Safeguarding children 
    • Providing treatment to children against the wishes of parents 
    • Protection of the unborn child 
    • Human fertilisation, embryology and surrogacy
  • Exceptional treatment and funding issues
    • Eligibility criteria 
    • Continuing/community care 
    • Funding responsibilities and overseas treatment 
    • Innovative working methods
  • Other areas
    • Human tissue and testing 
    • Retention of organs 
    • Wills and family disputes 
    • Patient property 
    • Nuisance behaviour/ASBOs 
    • Death certification and disposal of body parts


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