Dispute resolution

Capsticks' Dispute resolution team is adept at managing commercial disputes and litigation. Because we understand the context of disputes in the healthcare sector and how they can affect both day-to-day operations and long-term strategy we are able to give you incisive advice quickly, letting you focus on your core business.

We will always deliver sound, technical legal advice, of course. But it is just as important that you can rely on your lawyers to reflect the commercial, political and reputational consequences of decisions and disputes. We have handled some of the most sensitive disputes for NHS bodies. We understand the importance of protecting reputations and relationships by containing disputes. We will design a strategy to deliver your preferred outcome whether it is negotiation, mediation or, where necessary, litigation.

Our team has specialists in:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Health and safety, including criminal prosecutions and corporate manslaughter
  • Real Estate litigation
  • Fraud response
  • Challenges under EU procurement law
  • Reputation management, including defamation and handling adverse media coverage

Our areas of expertise include:


We can work with you to minimise the prospect of challenges to your procurement decisions, and opposing those that are brought.

Defamation and Social Media law

We can advise on matters involving defamation and harassment, including responding to online content and media publications, letters threatening claims and abuse directed at staff. We can also advise on appropriate steps to take in respect of content published on social media that creates reputational and legal difficulties.


We offer advice on termination or renegotiation options in relation to onerous contracts, and support in response to corporate failures such as the collapse of Carillion. Conduct of Development Agreement and construction contract disputes, via High Court litigation, adjudication and expert determination as appropriate.

Property related litigation

We can help with disputes with commercial occupiers, and the resolution of breaches of covenant including disrepair and insolvency.

Health and safety liability

We provide support on investigations by the police or the HSE. 


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