Our Housing advisory services complement the work of our lawyers and deliver a range of practical and innovative solutions for our clients. “Practical” in the sense that our involvement will have an immediate impact on the practicalities of delivering a first class service to communities. “Innovative”, as we think about things in different ways, coming up with fresh ideas and working closely with housing providers to implement change.

We operate nationally, and carry out large scale training programmes through to service reviews and health checks. Our experts talk the same language and deliver services in a way that can make a real difference to the communities that our clients serve.

Safeguarding is everyone's business

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Our areas of expertise include:

  • Tackling Anti-social behaviour

    We are recognised nationally for our work on tackling Anti-social behaviour (ASB) and have influenced government legislation, partner agencies and the housing sector. Our services include:

    • A two day ‘effective case management’ training course 
    • An ‘introduction to ASB’ for new beginners and customer services 
    • Full service ASB health checks and case reviews 
    • Case management – for those more complex matters 
    • ASB Projects 
    • Setting up a Community MARAC 
    • Conducting tenant satisfaction surveys 
    • Policy and Procedure Reviews
  • Safeguarding

    Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, and we have developed a range of services to assist housing providers in becoming equipped to prevent and detect neglect and abuse. Our services include:

    • A two day ‘Safeguarding for Leaders’ course 
    • One day niche ‘Safeguarding’ courses e.g. Caretakers, Support Workers, Customer Services, Neighbourhoods, Maintenance and Executive teams 
    • Board Awareness training 
    • Policy and Procedure Reviews 
    • Coaching 
    • Case Reviews 
    • Scrutiny
  • Tenancy fraud

    Whether your organisation has a specialist fraud team, or it is part of a generic role our service has lots to offer:

    • Tenancy Fraud Partnership Projects
    • Specialist training and investigation techniques
    • 24/7 Tenancy Fraud investigations
    • Service reviews 
    • Data matching 
    • RAG ratings
    • Policy and Procedure reviews
  • Hoarding

    This complex issue can impact on so many people, including housing workers, family members, landlords, neighbours and the hoarder themselves. We have expertise in dealing with hoarding and offer a 360 degree approach with the aim of solving the problem. We recognise that this cannot be solved just through enforcement, or just by support. That is why we offer the following services:

    • Coaching of housing professionals 
    • ‘Home is where the HOARD is’ project 
    • ‘Different approaches to tackling hoarding’ training 
    • Working with individuals and developing action plans
    • Reviewing policy and procedures

    In addition to these core areas of housing management, we also have expertise in areas such as: Service Charges, Leasehold Management, Governance, Rent Collection, Business Development and Change Management.

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