What to do now if you hold contracts or procurement processes with suppliers from Russia and Belarus
The Cabinet Office has issued a new Procurement Policy Note in relation to contracts with suppliers from Russia and Belarus, with guidance on how organisations might “cut ties” with companies backed by these states following the invasion of Ukraine.
Court of Appeal dismisses appeal by the General Osteopathic Council, but provides welcome commentary on the handling of conditional discharges
Jo Howard explores some of the key points to be drawn from the Court of Appeal’s decision in respect of the handling of conditional discharges in disciplinary proceedings.
High Court holds Interim Orders Tribunal failed to apply correct test in freedom of expression case
The High Court has overturned a decision of the IOT of the GMC to impose conditions on the registration of a doctor prohibiting him from using social media to share his views on Covid-19. We explain the judgment and its potential effects for regulators.
Draft terms of reference published for UK Covid-19 Inquiry
The scope of the inquiry into preparations for and the response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been published and is now subject to a public consultation. Find out what the terms of reference mean for the NHS and how to take part in the consultation.
How will the Levelling Up White Paper change the social housing sector?
The White Paper recognises that social housing will play a significant role in narrowing the gap between top performing and other areas of the country. We summarise the key announcements for social housing from the perspective of RPs and developers.
What procurement teams and providers of healthcare services need to know about the new consultation on the provider selection regime
The Department of Health and Social Care has published another consultation paper on the Provider Selection Regime. Learn the key points in the consultation paper and its implications for those commissioning and providing healthcare services for the NHS.
Clinical Law Insight: Spring 2022
Read the latest on the COVID-19 Inquiry and themes for Covid-related inquests and claims. Also: the government’s response to the Paterson Inquiry report, proposals for a new Special Health Authority and managing risk around the expansion of virtual wards.
Why it is important to keep your partnership deed up to date and details of our offer to support you with this
Having an up to date partnership deed in place is an effective way of governing how the partners operate in partnership together. We have set out a few key points to help you understand when you need to update your partnership deed.
Hughes v Rattan – Court of Appeal reaffirms Barclays decision on vicarious liability
The Court of Appeal determined whether the former owner of a dental practice was liable for the treatment provided to a patient by three self-employed dental associates. Find out what the decision means for healthcare providers.
Does the Consumer Code for Home Builders benefit registered providers?
The Consumer Code for Home Builders operates to provide additional protection to those purchasing newly built properties from developers and builders. We provide our answers to frequently asked questions we have received from RPs.
Information governance and employment law issues in the workplace
As an employer, you need to deal with various types of information governance issues. In this video, we explore some key issues you need to be aware of, from subject access requests to covert recordings and overseas working.
Public procurement “how to” series: Episode 4 – Evaluation and moderation
Kay Day and Mary Mundy discuss evaluation and moderation in procurement processes, including obligations, information that evaluators need to record, and what sort of information might be disclosable in a procurement challenge.