Why it is important to keep your partnership deed up to date and details of our offer to support you with this
Having an up to date partnership deed in place is an effective way of governing how the partners operate in partnership together. We have set out a few key points to help you understand when you need to update your partnership deed.
Temporary update to GP contracts due to Covid-19
We have summarised the key temporary variations to primary care contracts as well as the changes to the 2021/22 Network Contract Directed Enhanced Services (DES).
How GPs and dentists can prepare for the upcoming COVID-19 vaccination requirements
We summarise NHSE&I's operational guidance to assist you with preparing and implementing the new regulations requiring healthcare providers to ensure that certain workers have received two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine.
Mandatory vaccination requirements for workers in health and social care: Planning and preparation guidance for employers
NHSEI has shared operational guidance on preparing and implementing the new regulation requiring providers of regulated healthcare services to ensure that certain workers are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service (DES) Update
What can Primary Care Networks (PCNs) expect from the updated Network Contract DES? We set out the four main changes that came into force on 1 October 2021.
Extent of causation in clinical negligence claim against GP limited by the “scope of duty”
A clinician’s liability to a patient remains limited to the losses falling within the duty of care and not any wider co-incidental losses. The Supreme Court today ruled the scope of duty test generally was applicable to clinical negligence cases.
Updating your partnership deed – when, why and how
It is important to ensure that the legal documentation protecting your medical business and property are in place and up to date. We explain when you need to update your partnership documents and set out tips on how this can be achieved efficiently.
Refinancing your primary care premises: Frequently Asked Questions
Many GP partners own their freehold or long-leasehold surgery premises subject to financing and could benefit from refinancing with a new lender. We have summarised our answers to questions we often receive about the refinancing process.
Why do I need a Declaration of Trust?
It is good practice to regulate your property arrangements with a ‘declaration of trust’. We have addressed some of the most common questions we receive on this topic from GPs and Practice Managers.
Primary care networks: have you appointed your Nominated Persons?
The Network Contract DES 2021/22 introduces the Investment and Impact Fund (IIF) which sees PCNs entitled to additional payments in respect to performance against the IIF indicators. Here we explain what the process entails for your practice.
Deploying staff: how to adopt a flexible approach and manage risks
Deploying staff flexibly between NHS Trusts, GP practices and other organisations is key to enabling new models of care, improving service resilience and ensuring continuity of care. We explore how the system-wide approach works and how to manage risks.
Elevating practice managers to partnership: considerations for practice owners
There is an increase in the number of GP partnerships who have offered their Practice Managers a partnership role or alternatively where a PM has wished to be promoted to partner level. We set out the benefits and legal considerations you need to take.