GP Premises Policy Review webinar: what you need to know and why
In this webinar Lisa Geary talks here about the main themes and advises what action you should consider taking in light of the recommendations set out in the GP Premises Policy Review.
Do you and your Primary Care Network members have a lease in place where one is needed?
A GP practice must have its property ‘housekeeping’ in order, but as practices move forward with their Primary Care Networks it is vital they are in a strong position. We take you through the when and whys of GP lease arrangements and how we can help.
CNSGP - What Locum and Out of Hours GPs need to know
We provide an insight into the requirement for out of hours clinics and reliance on locum doctors which has become increasingly necessary.
Clinical Negligence Scheme for GPs – A Brave New World For GP Indemnity
One of the most significant shifts in indemnity provision within General Practice occurred as of 1 April 2019 when the Clinical Negligence Scheme for GPs (“CNSGP”) was introduced.
Primary Care Networks: Are you ready for 15 May?
The 15 May deadline for registration of your Primary Care Network is fast approaching, and there are many things to consider including its form, the allocation of risk and liability, and ultimately its purpose.
Workforce considerations for Primary Care Networks
Through the new Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme, announced in the 2019 GP Contract Framework, further funding will be made available to Primary Care Networks to reimburse over 20,000 additional staff by 2024.
GP Practices: Getting your “house in order”
Before practices can form long lasting, effective working relationships with other practices and healthcare professionals, they need to make sure that their own “houses are in order."
The Network Contract DES: What we know, and what needs to be determined locally
The new Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service (DES) was announced in the recently-published Five Year GP Contract Framework.
Health and social care
GP Partnership Review – Final Report: Overview of the Primary Care Network Recommendation
Capsticks' examines the seven core recommendations from the GP Partnership Review. This edition looks as Recommendation 5, which outlines how Primary Care Networks should be established and operate.
Health and social care
Ockham Healthcare Podcast: The practical implications of establishing Primary Care Networks
Neha Shah featured on 'The General Practice Podcast,' where she discussed some of the legal, financial and governance issues facing general practice as it begins to establish Primary Care Networks.
Health and social care
The NHS Resolution Annual Customer Survey
The NHS Resolution annual customer survey is now live! Provide your feedback on their performance over the past year and let them know where they are doing well, or areas where there may be room for improvement.
GP Partnership Review – Final Report (January 2019)
The independent chair of the GP partnership review has completed inquiry into whether the partnership model is suitable for the future of general practice. We review the the main difficulties facing practices, as highlighted in this report.