Housing Case Law - May 2022
Read our monthly housing case law update, summarising the latest cases and court decisions in one practical update, so you can devote more time to supporting your tenants.
The economic predictions and current risks registered providers should consider now
The 2022 Social Housing Finance Conference focused on the current economic and political instability, and what RPs can do to keep ahead of the curve. We summarise the key messages for housing providers we took away from the conference.
What the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill means for planning law and delivery of affordable housing
The Bill proposes changes to existing planning legislation including local government, planning, and compulsory purchase. Our experts explore the potential changes to the planning system and the impacts they could have on the delivery of new housing.
How will the Ground Rent reform change residential leases?
Going forward, leaseholders will (subject to a few exceptions) effectively pay nothing in respect of ground rent on new or replacement leases. We summarise everything landlords need to know about the new legislation.
A room with a view: Legal considerations for landlords regarding the use of Ring cameras and other domestic CCTV
Landlords are increasingly installing domestic CCTV to deter and detect fly-tipping, ASB, and using footage as evidence in enforcement. Read on for an overview of recent decisions and our advice on how you can minimise the risk of legal challenges.
How will the First Homes scheme impact registered providers?
The First Homes scheme is the Government’s new preferred tenure ahead of social rent. In this insight, we examine the First Homes scheme and set out the issues RPs need to be aware of.
How will the Levelling Up White Paper change the social housing sector?
The White Paper recognises that social housing will play a significant role in narrowing the gap between top performing and other areas of the country. We summarise the key announcements for social housing from the perspective of RPs and developers.
Does the Consumer Code for Home Builders benefit registered providers?
The Consumer Code for Home Builders operates to provide additional protection to those purchasing newly built properties from developers and builders. We provide our answers to frequently asked questions we have received from RPs.
Public Sector Equality Duty and disability discrimination in social housing: How can landlords stay compliant when taking legal action?
If you are thinking of taking legal action regarding a tenancy, considering whether you have done all you can to assist the tenant beforehand is vital. We summarise a recent example and explain the practical aspects you need to consider.
How tenant satisfaction measures propose to influence neighbourhood management
The RSH launched the proposed tenant satisfaction measures last month. This insight sets out the proposals for neighbourhood management and anti-social behaviour (ASB), an issue affecting many landlords.
COP26: Plans to decarbonise the housing sector
We summarise the hot topics discussed at COP26 and their impact on the social housing sector, as well as what registered providers (RPs) can do to help reach net-zero and resolve some of the issues.
Changes to possession proceedings from 1 December
The latest update to the CPR makes some important changes to Practice Direction 55C which affects how landlords deal with cases from 1 December 2021. We look at what these changes are and how RPs should deal with new and ongoing possession cases.