A large number of homes are expected to change hands this financial year, and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic our housing development team have dealt with a large number of these stock rationalisation projects, including both exchanging and completing transfers, as registered providers (RPs) look to concentrate their geographies, improve the health and safety of their stock, and reduce carbon emissions.

In this video insight we share our experience of managing a successful project (including consultation) and draw on our extensive experience in the sector.

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  1. (1:05) Why are so many RPs considering these projects at the moment? 
  2. (2:40) How are Capsticks clients approaching projects?
  3. (4:14) How can RPs achieve a quick and painless transfer of stock?
  4. (6:40) How is consultation affected by the current pandemic?
  5. (7:59) What are Capsticks' top tips for a successful project?

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