Welcome to Episode 3 in our “step-by-step” video series, helping you to prepare for the introduction of the Procurement Act 2023. This episode looks at the open procedure under the Procurement Act 2023 and how this differs from the open procedure used under the current procurement regime.

Catch up with previous episodes

  • Introduction: learn more about the series and get some background to the Act
  • Episode 1: pre-launch stage and the areas to consider before commencing a procurement
  • Episode 2: how the transition from the current regime to the Procurement Act 2023 will work

How Capsticks can help

Capsticks acts for both contracting authorities and bidders. With extensive knowledge of procurement law, our specialist team are always on hand to support you with all aspects of the procurement process and how to get ready for the new Procurement Act.

Please speak to Katrina Day or Mary Mundy to find out more about how Capsticks can help.