Return to work and risk assessments during COVID-19: Health and social care

For a successful return to work during COVID-19, employers have a duty to carry out a risk assessment, implement safe systems of work and to keep these under review. Our risk assessment flowchart sets out the key issues for employers to consider, available here.  

COVID-19: CQC and the Emergency Support Framework

Having suspended its inspection regime in March following the COVID-19 outbreak, CQC has now launched a new Emergency Support Framework (ESF). Under the framework, inspectors will set up a one hour online meeting with managers or nominated individuals, to discuss the stresses and challenges services are experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We explore the key features and what this means for you in our insight, available here.

COVID-19: Landlord and tenant FAQs

The response to the COVID-19 pandemic is creating a number of challenges for landlords and tenants across various sectors. Whilst issues relating to payment of rent should not normally arise in relation to GP tenants (as this is reimbursed by the NHS) we have set out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions—together with some practical options—in our insight article, available here.

COVID-19 and general practice indemnity 

The COVID-19 outbreak has presented unprecedented challenges for general practice in relation to the delivery of care. We have received a number of questions about indemnity cover arising from changes to personnel and the way that care is delivered during the emergency. We have compiled guidance and some FAQs to assist healthcare practitioners and managers in general practice navigate their way around the key issues, available here.

COVID-19: Workforce FAQs

The coronavirus pandemic poses significant workforce issues for public service organisations regarding the services they provide and the risks to staff. A number of organisations have drafted COVID-19 HR policies and have created a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we have received in relation to these policies and communications with staff generally, available here.

Capsticks' response 

We know Coronavirus is having a serious impact on the health, social care and housing sectors, increasing operational pressures significantly. We want to let you know of the steps that we are taking to support both your organisation and our employees, at what is a difficult time. More about Capsticks' COVID-19 response and business continuity planning here. 

Useful guidance

We are maintaining a list of core and useful guidance on coronavirus related issues from regulators and system leadership, available here.