Why Capsticks?

As legal specialists acting for healthcare organisations across the country, we’re experienced at understanding the commercial challenges you face. Our expert team has in-depth sector knowledge and this gives us an unparalleled edge in delivering strategic and practical legal advice on a wide range of issues affecting your dental practice, whether private or NHS.

Keeping you one step ahead
We have extensive sector experience which provides the firm with a unique perspective and insight into the legal and business concerns of medical partnerships.

With a full range of services for Dental practitioners we are a full service solution for all your legal work. No need to hunt around for services on an ad hoc basis. Or rely on non-specialists to learn the basics before offering advice. We’re pro-active with our advice.

Key areas we help Dentists with include:

  • Buying and selling a dental practice

    Buying or selling a dental practice is different from buying and selling any other business. You will need to navigate a complex regulatory framework whilst ensuring the proper transfer of the NHS Contract and compliance with the requirements of the CQC.

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  • Premises

    As premises are typically the largest asset of any dental practice, it is essential to receive specialist advice. Capsticks has a large, national specialist healthcare property team which acts for all types of public and private providers of healthcare services in England and Wales, including dentists.

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  • Incorporation

    Incorporation of dental practices (in particular private practices) has become increasingly popular over the past few years. This is another complex area and you need specialist lawyers who genuinely understand these complexities, and how to work around them.

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  • Disputes

    In the event of a dispute, our dispute resolution team will advise and support you throughout the whole process, including providing a comprehensive mediation service to help you resolve your dispute without resorting to expensive litigation, if at all possible.

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  • Managing your partnership

    Robust agreements and contracts are the basis of good governance arrangements in your practice.  We can guide you through all the legal aspects to minimise risks and ensure your partnership arrangements are durable.

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  • HR advisory and employment law

    We understand that dealing with day to day employee relations can be time consuming. This is why our HR advisory service and national team of employment lawyers can help you with all your employment law and HR queries.

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