This briefing provides a summary of the NPPF consultation proposals; it is not an exhaustive list of all the proposed changes. Although there are a number of suggested amendments it is in no way a re-written framework, much remains the same with “the presumption in favour of sustainable development” at the heart of the framework.

Interestingly many thought more duties would be placed upon developers to speed up the delivery of houses; however the good news for developers is that this does not appear to be the case with the onus predominantly remaining with the Local Planning Authority (LPA).

Associated consultation paper: Supporting Housing Delivery through Developer Contribution

In addition, the government has also published a separate consultation paper. This consultation is seeking views on a series of reforms to the existing system of developer contributions; this follows the announcements at the Autumn Budget 2017. The Government’s intention is to reduce complexity, increase certainty and improve transparency.

The consultation period for both the NPPF associated consultations are now open and close on 10 May 2018 at 11.45pm. We’ve highlighted the key points from both papers below, but for a more in-depth analysis including why each point is important and our comment. Please follow this link.

NPPF consultation paper

  1. Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development, Draft Para 11
  2. Calculating housing need – Draft para 61 and draft revised national planning guidance
  3. Viability Assessments – Draft para 58 and draft revised national planning guidance
  4. Delivery of Small Sites – Draft paras 69-70
  5. Effective and intensive use of land and existing buildings – Draft paras 118 - 123
  6. Commencement timescales – Draft para 78

Associated consultation paper: Supporting Housing Delivery through Developer Contributions

  1. Removal of s106 pooling restrictions in certain situations
  2. Operation of CIL
  3. Another levy – the Strategic Infrastructure Tariff

Recommended further reading:

This link includes the following key documents:

  1. National Planning Policy Framework - consultation proposals and text for consultation;
  2. Draft Planning Practice Guidance
  3. Housing Delivery Test - draft measurement rule book

If you have any queries regarding these proposals please contact: Spencer Vella Sultana, Suzanne Smith or Susie Rogers.