The new KLOES are intended to be simpler and reflective of current practices and innovations. Many KLOES are similar to the old framework but some have been amended significantly to include new requirements and there are a number of brand new KLOES. For example, around medication management and learning lessons from incidents. To replace the Handbook, CQC has issued specific guidance, “How CQC monitors, inspects and regulates social care services”, explaining how CQC will undertake inspections, and their frequency moving forward. Click here for the guidance.

Whilst the CQC are emphasising that the new KLOES are not that different from the old,  there are important changes. Therefore, it is important that care homes know what the changes are and have made adjustments to their practices accordingly. All care home providers should now:

  • review the new KLOES and benchmark their organisation against them
  • review and plug any gaps
  • review current internal quality assurance processes or monitoring processes to ensure that they cover all of the KLOES.

At any inspection you will face moving forward, inspectors will be using these new KLOES as their prompts. It is likely that they will be keen to focus on the new or revised KLOES to test a provider’s understanding of them, so be prepared!

How we can help

At Capsticks we have specialists in providing legal solutions and advice to the care homes sector. 

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Our expertise in areas such as CQC inspections and enforcement action, employment law, property transactions and commercial contracts means we can help you deliver a 360 solution to the challenges you may face. Our pragmatic and straight forward advice will help you stay one step ahead of the risks and challenges and steer your business safely into the future.

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