What has changed?

  • ‘Well-led’ inspections -The new CQC inspections consist of two elements; a ‘well-led’ inspection and an inspection of at least one core service.
  • New Use of Resources inspections and reports - The CQC continues to inspect and rate the quality of care provided. However, for non-specialist acute Trusts, NHS Improvement will also undertake an inspection, lasting a day and concentrating on how efficiently and effectively NHS Trusts are using their resources to provide high quality, sustainable care.
  • Inspection intervals - Each Trust will receive at least one new style inspection between June 2017 and Spring 2019. Thereafter, each NHS Trust will be subjected to an annual ‘well-led’ inspection plus an inspection of one or more core service.
  • New reporting format - The reports which will be published following a new style inspection will change. The main report will be a shorter inspection report; setting out the main findings and also the new ratings in each area
  • Mixing old and new ratings - The main report will contain a ratings table which will consist of a mixture of the new ratings arising from the latest inspection and the old ratings from the previous inspection (i.e. those areas not inspected this time round).
  • Merged Trusts - The CQC has confirmed that when a Trust acquires or merges with another Trust then the ratings of both Trusts will not be aggregated for up to two years.
  • New KLOEs - The CQC will continue to inspect against the five key questions of safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led but will use a slightly tweaked set of KLOEs and prompts which will now apply to any registered provider delivering healthcare services (all NHS Trusts, GP practices, GP out-of-hours and NHS 111 services).

What has stayed the same?

No changes have been made to the following in the new inspection regime:

  • The fundamental standards
  • Enforcement
  • Factual accuracy process

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