The NHS Long Term Plan sets out the vision for general practice in the next 10 years. The emphasis is on a move from secondary care to primary and community care. It, and the GP Partnership Review, expects general practices to form close working relationships and, in particular, be a part of a Primary Care Network by June 2019.

However, before practices can form long lasting, effective working relationships with other practices and healthcare professionals, they need to make sure that their own “houses are in order”, and indeed, the GP Partnership Review highlighted the importance of having a current, effective and valid Partnership Deed in place. It is thought that around 50% of GP practices do not have a Deed in place and are therefore a partnership at will governed by the Partnership Act 1890.

A Deed is crucial for all GP practices, not least to stabilise the partners’ working relationship by having a written document to evidence how their business should operate but also to avoid being a partnership at will.

A well drafted partnership deed will not only contain the necessary information to ensure your partnership operates smoothly but also, and perhaps more importantly, it can avoid an unplanned dissolution or the threat of your GP partnership being held to ransom by a disaffected partner.

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