EMPOWERcast - refreshingly honest conversations with women in healthcare procurement and supply chain

The HCSA Women’s Network Podcast series hosted by Capsticks 

Welcome to the HCSA Women’s Network Podcast series with Mary Mundy, Deputy Head of Healthcare at Capsticks, proud sponsors of the HCSA Women's Network. 

Bringing women together from NHS Procurement, Supply Chain and other sectors to share experiences from personal and professional viewpoints, the EMPOWERcast series aims to uplift, educate, and inspire.

Each episode will focus on a topic where honest conversations really do make a difference to everyone – breaking down barriers, improving awareness and encouraging positive change.

Mary will be joined by some remarkable guests throughout the series, so please join us, tune in and feel empowered!

If you are interesting in joining the HCSA Women’s Network, please visit the ⁠HCSA Website⁠.

In this episode, Mary invites Andrea Smith, ICS Procurement Director at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Pia Larsen, Chief Procurement Officer at Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust to talk about the many different aspects of their roles.

Together they will share personal insights of how they deal with change and the importance of prioritising wellbeing. Andrea and Pia will discuss professional and personal achievements and the role of the HCSA Women’s Network in supporting them. 

The Empowercast features honest conversations and the sharing of experiences, and we hope you enjoy and benefit from the words of wisdom shared in this episode.

Listen to the podcast below:

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How Capsticks can help

Capsticks act for a number of public sector clients. Our specialist healthcare lawyers support the NHS and the healthcare sector with many unique challenges and opportunities across all aspects of procurement.

If you have any queries around what is discussed in this podcast, and the impact on your organisation, please speak to Mary Mundy to find out more about how Capsticks can help.