The early involvement of professionals to guide you through the legal, commercial and regulatory hurdles, allows practices to focus on the key issues in making the merger a success from a relationship perspective.

As we see more and more practices merging and joining forces, merged practices reap the rewards that this brings through economies of scale, sustainability in providing services and access to more expertise and skills. However, practice mergers can also fail or struggle in the early years because the appropriate planning didn’t take place and relationships broke down.

Our ‘Ten golden rules for a happy merger’ infographic shares the top 10 steps a practice should take to put you in good stead for a smooth and successful merger. View the 'Ten golden rules for a happy merger' infographic.

Developing primary care at scale may not necessarily lead practices to a decision to formally merge and there are a range of different collaborations which can be considered in finding the right model for you. Our ‘Types of collaborative agreement’ infographic compares four different collaborative relationships, of increasing intimacy, on what we have coined the ‘spectrum of love’!

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